texworld-parisDwell to be found out from 7-9 February: the Pattern Ebook that accompanies the return of the Texworld Evolution Paris trade fairs to the Parc des Expositions de Paris – Le Bourget celebrates fertile confrontation, these parts in which opposites categorical their creative energy. 

Texworld Evolution Paris, which will be held from 7 to 9 February at the Parc des Expositions de Paris – Le Bourget, will be the opportunity to explore the Trends Forum imagined and built by the artwork administrators of Texworld Paris, Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud. Their thoughts, which framework the Interface inspiration reserve, trace the innovative outlines of Spring-Summer time 2023 fashion. Displayed at numerous points in the exhibition space, this new forum highlights for the initially time the expressive traces born out of these two many years of crisis. It interrogates the new kinds of “living together”, the limitations amongst communities, cultures and products by checking out the electrical power of these interfaces in innovative terms: the junction concerning digital and tangible, purely natural and artificial, tricky and soft… These associations, which give a specific area to supplies and fibres, are to be explored by means of four big themes.

  • Border. « In between us, a border has been built. Invisible. […] What shall we do with it? […] A border is not an impassable restrict, it is an prospect. » This topic gives the material its rightful position, each frank and tricky when it delimits (granite link) and delicate when it protects (heat membrane). This axis is based mostly on a significant tonal palette that runs from graphite to arctic blue, but always in fairly muted and “earthy” features.
  • Alliance. « Because recognizing that we share the identical future is the 1st act of intelligence. […] For the 1st time we are on the lookout in the exact same direction. And we want to go forward together. […] » This ethereal and spiritual inventive line devotes palettes of blues and greens, exactly where the product (carved embroidery) and the fibre (fibrous protrusion) are expressed in tones – transparent or opaque – in a spirit where mother nature frequently shines through.
  • Connections. « A tiny little bit of us has crept into you. […] We are not quite the exact same as before our alliance. We have enriched each individual other. […] To open up up gaps to see the light-weight arise. » This topic is the one that carries the first claim the greatest. Oriented towards synthetics and fluorescence, it expresses all features of the product in an assumed way, up to exhibiting the accidents. It is the place of “mixing” and Interfaces, of fluorescent angora and knitted (recycled!) plastics.
  • Surface area. « And without having realizing it, the environment grew once again. The meetings revealed their insider secrets, the magic formula of immortality. They gave delivery. New territories. Mysterious zones. Vaster. […] Finally, a viewpoint. » Although going away from transparency, this concept also performs on the details of speak to and exchange between digital and serious, among earth and space, through a palette of blues and greens that can be imagined as “flat surfaces” in the design and style of “flat design”. The mixtures (crystalline membrane) and contrasts (antic collage) that confront the supplies are not forbidden.

Website visitors to the display will be equipped to find out these big thematics by means of all the content samples and finished solutions chosen by the show’s creative directors to illustrate concretely each and every of the innovative universes of Spring- Summer 2023 style.