Desk Report: A person of the biggest textile woven fabrics manufacturing firm, Mithela Team celebrates International Mother Language Working day on 21 February at their manufacturing facility premises Shahid Minar in Narayanganj.Mahbub Khan Himel, Director, Mithela Team and their staffs honored the Martyrs’ who are died on this day for language .


Mahbub Khan Himel ,Director of Mithela Team stated, Each calendar year we observed 21 February at our possess Shahid Minar.  Intercontinental Mom Language Working day is a around the globe yearly observance  to endorse awareness of Linguistic diversity and cultural diversity and to endorse multilingualism, Himel additional

MITHELA Team World’s Initially LEED Platinum Qualified Environmentally friendly Textile Marketplace in Bangladesh, proven in 2002.International Mom Language Day 2022: In 2000, UN declared February 21 as the Intercontinental Mom Language Day, recognising Bangladesh’s struggle and sacrifices built for the mother tongue, Bangla