MagnaColours® lately proudly announced that they are now certified to ZDHC Self confidence Degree 3 (Zero Discharge of Harmful Chemical substances) – the greatest ZDHC certification amount at this time obtainable. ZDHC Self-assurance Amount 3 signifies that around 55 MagnaPrint® and MagnaTrans®  Oeko-Tex® Eco-Passport certified inks and additives also meet ZDHC’s MRSL (Makers Limited Substances Record), and are confirmed as becoming responsibly manufactured.

ZDHC aims to eliminate unsafe chemical compounds from generation and the provide chain to defend staff, consumers, and the surroundings. MagnaColours ensures that our main ranges not only conform to the necessities of ZDHCs MRSL but to the rigorous MRSLs of global models and retailers. By way of our attempts, we are lowering not only our chemical footprint and environmental impression, but the impact of our clients as well.

MagnaColours has also been performing to develop the selection of inks and additives now qualified as Oeko-Tex Eco-Passport and as GOTS Authorised Inputs (World Organic and natural Textile Standard), so they can be utilised in the output of GOTS accredited garments.

“We have been leading the demand toward more ecologically friendly printing for numerous decades, from placing our have stringent RSL suggestions by way of our GNA® compliance programme to aiding printers globally to switch to h2o-dependent printing,” says Handling Director Helen Parry. “Working to be qualified as ZDHC degree 3 was a vital accomplishment in our motivation to driving the printing market to be more environmentally helpful and cutting down its influence on the environment”.

MagnaColours will be continuing to increase the array of merchandise offered licensed below Oeko-Tex Eco-Passport and as GOTS Authorised Inputs. Call us for a lot more info on specific products and solutions.