Desk Report: The Institution of Textile Engineers and Technologists (ITET), Bangladesh organized  a memorial Assembly & Dua Mahfil  for all the passed-away customers of ITET throughout the COVID pandemic on 3 December at BUTEX auditorium in the capital


Engr.Salim Reza, Sr.Vice President,ITET  presided the meeting . ITET former President, Engr. Mozzafar Hossain MP Engr Masudur Rahman, President IEB Textile Division ITET Secretary Typical, Talukder Shakhawat, Vice President, Engr. Shakhawat Hossain Engr Touhidul Islam Kakon ,ITET central associates were current at the Dua mahfil. After paying their respects, everybody took portion in prayers for the salvation of the souls of martyrs.

ITET is the oldest and most influential textile professionals’ organization in Bangladesh owning additional than 3000 users doing work in lots of pivotal positions in the textile sector and it is top the business in the direction of continual expansion.