International Desk: President of IAF Han Bekke was awarded the IAF Golden Pin by IAF President Cem Altan on November 7, 2021 in the course of the 36th IAF Entire world Manner Conference in Antwerp, Belgium.


The IAF Golden Pin is awarded to people who have been of amazing importance to the optimistic enhancement of IAF. Only a several IAF Golden Pins have been awarded throughout IAF’s 49-12 months-old historical past.

Han Bekke’s worth to IAF are unable to be overstated. Efficiently, he was the IAF’s initial Secretary Standard, supporting the Board of Directors of the organisation established in 1972 when he had just joined the Dutch clothing field affiliation in Amsterdam. In 2006 when the IAF secretariat moved from London to Amsterdam, Han Bekke would come to be its Secretary Normal a function he took in addition to his role as Director Normal of MODINT, the Dutch apparel and textile sector association.

In 2016 Mr. Bekke took in excess of the IAF presidency from then CMAI President Rahul Mehta, a place he would keep until eventually past week, when Cem Altan succeeded him. Mr. Bekke will keep his seat in the IAF Government Committee as Quick Previous President.

Han Bekke embodies the intercontinental spirit of IAF and the gains this brings to its contributors. Top IAF he has grown to be a powerful advocate of global supply chain solidarity and collaboration as well as of the urgent need to create a a lot less fragmented established of rules and restrictions for the attire market.