devansWith the pollen time starting up, new independent take a look at final results by the German exterior laboratory BMA-Labor have revealed Purissimo’s™ performance from pollen, building it an all-in-one option for cutting down allergens. Devan’s allergen command technological innovation, known as Purissimo™, has been observed powerful versus allergens from pollen. The technology experienced by now been demonstrated to considerably minimize the amount of allergens from home dust mites and pets (cats & canine).

“Allergens are little protein molecules, which can lead to allergic reactions and bronchial asthma. All allergy victims are various when it comes to their sensitivity to allergens”, says Sofie Depluverez, PhD researcher at Devan. “However, several people today are only allergic to a solitary allergen – and the consequences of several allergens can include up. The essential to reducing and even reducing signs and symptoms is to lower your exposure to the allergens on their own.”

Allergy threshold

When individuals go into a dwelling or deliver in a new pet, the amount of allergens begins to rise. In the commencing there are tiny to none, so the allergy threshold resulting in signs or symptoms is far from remaining attained. Nobody is suffering any response at this stage.

“As time goes by, the different allergens start out to make up within the home, surely when air flow is limited”, Depluverez proceeds. “As the allergen focus boosts (in particular in mixture with seasonal allergens such as pollen), the allergy threshold might be reached if no allergen reduction actions are in location.”


Purissimo™ is a all-natural allergen regulate engineering that appreciably minimizes allergens from pet dander, dust mites and pollen in textiles in the course of the house. The technologies is dependent on encapsulated probiotics, which are normally happening microorganisms identical in form to these you can discover in probiotic yogurt, tempeh, kombucha, …

Inactive probiotics (spores) are encapsulated and integrated onto the textiles. Friction opens the microcapsules and releases the spores. The spores take in humidity and self-activate. They are reworked into probiotic micro organism that start to eat the allergens.

“As the probiotics consume the allergens, exposure is step by step lessened to below threshold levels”, Depluverez adds. “Therefore, folks with respiratory allergy symptoms will be exposed to much less ‘attacks’ and understand a superior well-being.”

Intrigued to find out more? On Tuesday, March 23 at 3 p.m., Devan will elaborate on this know-how in a webinar titled ‘Functionalizing textiles for submit-vaccination customers: Cleanliness, sustainability & a natural approach’ throughout Home Textiles Week (a digital NY House Fashions Marketplace)