Engr Rashed Ahmed, Head of Knitting, Aboni Textiles Ltd

A single of the most significant RMG manufacturers Babylon Team started out its journey in 1986 with Babylon Clothes Minimal with a humble set up.  Relentless attempts and a consistent persuasion of good quality resulted in the group’s expansion to 18 distinctive problems

abonti-knittingAboni Textiles Ltd sister problem of Babylon Group started out its journey in 2001 In this regard, their posture remarkable cloth innovation and top quality. Engr Rashed Ahmed, Head of Knitting, Aboni Textile Ltd shared his knitting power with Textile Concentration.

Generally, fabric suppliers in Bangladesh are at ease and familiar with the standard cloth (cotton). But they are not concentrating to make large conclusion material this sort of as fleece fabrics.

We are making of all sorts knit fabrics specially on Fleece, Spandex, Interlock, indigo knit denim. Fleece Cloth is a luxuriously supple material with a deep pile for greater insulation excellent. This is a synthetic insulating fabric manufactured from a style of polyester referred to as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or other synthetic fibers.

eng-rashedWe are employing large state-of-the-art knitting device all-around 71 like Terrot, Pai Lung, Mayer & Cie, Lisky, Jiunn Long. Now our knitting production ability 18 tons for each working day & dyeing capability 16 ton. Our whole manpower is 204.

To increase efficiency by raising effective management techniques and be ready to meet the difficult worries of today’s business environment.  For enhancing the manpower ability, we are consistently supply schooling from provider finish. Moreover we are providing cash incentive with the rely on the effectiveness

We have a potent R&D crew. We are doing typical development large worth-additional fabrics & showing our buyers. Now we are doing the job with Japan, Korea, Eu, United kingdom & US industry.  We are also hoping to grab the Russian Market   At the end of 2021 we will create 40-50 percent manner materials.

Now we are focusing on: –

  1. Raising Efficiency
  2. Rising Performance
  3. Schooling & Development
  4. Squander Minimization
  5. Product or service Improvement with manner trends & approach
  6. Increasing computerized equipment with brush outcome

Our difficulties of the knitwear sector usually recognized the up grade of new machinery as well as the advancement of skills in fabric producing & lack of uncooked product.