Bangladeshi garment objects are priced a little reduce than Vietnamese products on the EU and US marketplaces, in accordance to a study by the Centre for Policy Dialogues (CPD). By a single % 12 months-on-calendar year, the selling price of a 100 kg T-shirt created in Bangladesh cotton material diminished to €1.091.5 in 2020. The selling price of the exact Vietnamese commodity increased by 3% to €2,157,9. Likewise, the price tag of the 100 kg lady in Bangladesh or the 100 kg girls’ cotton-fiber sweater lowered calendar year-on-12 months by 7 percent to €1,329.5, when compared to €2,157.8 for the Vietnamese women or girls.

The price ranges for women and girls of just about every 100 kg of Bangladeshi-designed fiber pullovers dropped by 6%, from EUR 1bd-garment-price 409,6 in 2019 on EU markets to EUR 1.319,4. Nevertheless, only 3% decreased 12 months-on-year value in the Vietnamese assortment, achieving EUR 1,906.2 in 2020. A dozen Bangladeshi cotton t-shirts have fallen by 20% on the US current market in 2020 from $22.43 in 2019 to $17.99 even though Vietnam’s selling prices in 2020 lowered by 17% to $31.9 compared to $38.2 in 2019. Bagpipes and sweatshirts lowered 2% to $39.31 in 2020 as opposed to $40.23 in 2019 in tens of Bangladesh. The selling price of twelve Bangladeshi women’s trousers produced of cotton fiber dropped from $72.88 in 2019 by 12 % to $64.17 in 2020, although the Vietnamese selling price of their trousers just fell by 6 per cent, down from $90.5 in2019 to $84.6 in 2020.

According to the CPD report, the two volume and worth components influenced Bangladesh’s export output. Management of trade fees is a main issue that drives competition in export, he added. The CPD also claimed that the export purpose of fiscal 2021 for 21% advancement would not be achieved more than fiscal 2020.