asahi-kasei-bemlieseAsahi Kasei’s sustainable non-woven material Bemliese™ has been accredited as “OK biodegradable  MARINE” by TÜV AUSTRIA Belgium. Manufactured of cotton linter, this content that can be utilized for a assorted array of disposable items and apps, ranging from cosmetic facial masks, hygienic purposes and professional medical sterilization, to cleaning machines for higher-precision machinery and laboratories. As a additional phase of expansion, Asahi Kasei is also on the lookout at the European current market.

Bemliese™ is a nonwoven material sheet manufactured from cotton linter – small hair-like fibers on cotton seeds. Asahi Kasei is the initially and only organization in the world that has produced a thoroughly clean proprietary course of action for managing this linter to produce sheets that can be integrated in a numerous array of solution styles. Linter was at first a pre-purchaser squander biproduct of the standard cotton harvesting method, and now has been converted to about 3% of the overall yield. TÜV AUSTRIA Belgium NV, a globally recognized business that certifies product biodegradation, has identified the material’s biodegradability in drinking water and has certified Bemliese™ as “OK biodegradable MARINE”.  Prior to this, the content had previously received certifications for industrial compost, household compost and soil biodegradability by TÜV AUSTRIA Belgium.

Suitable for a broad vary of applications

Next to its sustainability, Bemliese™ has exclusive material attributes, that make it an excellent materials for apps in numerous industries. When dry, Bemliese™ leaves almost no lint, scratches, or chemical compounds on the surfaces it touches, building it an great content for cleansing equipment in industrial, laboratory, or medical environments that must stay contamination-free of charge. Its superior purity keeps the material totally free from excess oils or substances that might be inherent in related products. It also has a larger level of absorbency than cotton gauze, rayon/PET, or nonwoven cotton.

On the other hand, compared with cotton, a sheet of Bemliese™ gets extraordinarily gentle just after moistening and drapes well about any surface it touches with very little to no abrasion. Its amazing absorption of dampness and capability to hold onto little particles tends to make it an suitable product for hygienic apps or health care sterilization. When soaked, it can grip the area of an item tightly and hold the content in place although it dries. The reclaimed cellulose filament composition designed by applying cotton linter as a materials delivers a substantially higher amount of liquid retention than common cotton.

Sustainable Beauty

Cosmetic facial masks created from Bemliese™ have produced waves in sustainable elegance all over Asia, attracting globe-course cosmetics developers like L’Oréal and KOSÉ Group with its unmatched absorbency and effectiveness. These encounter sheets created from cotton linter take in and keep formulation that rejuvenate skin considerably much more competently and stick to just about every contour of the confront from the instant it touches the skin and stays in location. This lets for the even software of components to the pores and skin, yielding top-quality results. In addition, not like common face sheets that frequently have plastics, those people designed from cotton linter tout a 100% normal resource, clear output, and quickly biodegradability inside 4 weeks that has resonated in the sector in which shoppers have started abandoning their standard solutions in favor of all those that are additional environmentally welcoming.

Asahi Kasei now also eyeing the European industry

Just after the accomplishment in Asia, Asahi Kasei is currently launching Bemliese™ in North America by using its investing arm in the United states, Asahi Kasei Advance The usa. As a foreseeable future phase, the firm is also planning to create contacts on the European market place. With tightening rules and also driven by changing client calls for, the European industry’s change to decreasing the CO2 footprint all through the worth chain is accelerating at a fast speed, rising the wants in the direction of sustainable products.  “The “OK biodegradable MARINE” certificate will enable to increase the awareness towards the eco-helpful features of products built of regenerated cellulose, in particular in regard to the marine microplastics difficulty. In addition, the EU lately banned solitary-use plastics. This opens up new alternatives for cellulose-centered fiber components, which are not portion of this ban”, claims Koichi Yamashita, Head of Gross sales at Bemliese™, Functionality Solutions SBU at Asahi Kasei.